"At times we feel stuck and just not able to move forward. This is when we need support, someone to help us see what's holding us back. It's OK to reach out and realize how important it is to take care of YOU. There's no wrong time to think of finding a therapist and get Your Life Back on Track. YOU ARE WORTH IT! Call me now for a free phone/virtual consultation."


Grow Yourself - Psychotherapiest Annalee
Grow Yourself - Psychotherapiest Annalee

We are all on a journey. Please let me enable you to make your journey to find peace and feel free!

Grow Yourself - Psychotherapiest Annalee
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How do we start?

The Basics:

Answer a few short questions about yourself and the challenges you are currently facing in your life.

Open Mind:

Seeking help is the first step in your journey towards healing. Allow yourself to GROW.


Based on your needs, Annalee will customize a program to modify the behaviors that will lead to better satisfaction.


Begin the counseling process in whichever way you feel most comfortable: text via Skype, phone or video .

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