• Annalee Shein, LCSW, CPC
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Amanda โ€“ Port St. Lucie, FL

Due to Annalee’s warm approach, positive attitude and Life Coaching ability, I was able to see things that were holding me back in my life. I was able to trust her with personal problems and she offered a totally unbiased perspective and helpful advice. She was very understanding and was sensitive to my touchy subjects. We worked through them and I feel that I now have strength and confidence to work through my issues. I am literally “unstuck”. Thank you, Annalee


Jacquie โ€“ Delray Beach, FL

I have Annalee to thank for so much of my growth these past several years. I’ve had a hard time being brave with the difficult issues of my life, but she helps me set goals and be accountable for my actions which has made me a much stronger and more productive person. She’s been wise and gentle with me yet firm when I’ve really needed it. I’ve appreciated her helping me see my life from a different perspective and for being such a wonderful sounding board. I love her infectious positive attitude and am happy to keep her as an integral part of my life! I cannot recommend her enough!


Tony X โ€“ Westchester, NY

Many years ago I found myself adrift in a sea of doubt anxiety frustration and shame. Through the fog of benzodiazepines I saw the light of hope. By chance Annalee came into my life. She provided an anchor point for me to moor my damaged vessel. Years of abuse as a child had left me damaged and broken. I desperately searched for answers. Annalee facilitated in helping me find those answers. Many of those answers were within me. I just couldn’t see them through the shame and pain. The process was long and challenging. I never realized that in order to stop the pain I needed to acknowledge and accept the pain. I had to recover that inner child in order to free the adult. To summarize Annalee’s professionalism is mixed in with a genuine sense of candor and respect. She not only talks the talk. She also walks the walk.


JZ – Fort Lee, NJ

I have been working with Annalee, as my Life Coach and Psychotherapist for several years. I first came to her as I felt I was stuck in several areas of my life that were not allowing me to move forward. After several sessions, Annalee pointed out to me that there appeared to be some deep rooted issues that were hindering the coaching process. Annalee explained that, also as a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist she could help me see those barriers using a more therapeutic approach and asked permission to switch gears until we could get back to the coaching. I immediately agreed. Well, this was the perfect combination for me. By figuring out what was holding me back I am now, finally moving forward.

Besides the obvious caring and concern shown to me, what I most especially appreciated was that I never had to leave my home, as this was all accomplished on the phone and Skype. I am looking forward to continuing my sessions, on an as needed basis while I am preparing to move to Florida. Thank you for giving me the direction and a piece of my life back.


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