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How to Cope with Anxiety Fueled by the Pandemic

How to Cope with Anxiety Fueled by the Pandemic

It has been over a year, yet COVID is still very much present in the world. The uncertainty of what will happen next is frightening as it is. But this feeling is heightened when you live with anxiety.

As a provider of treatment for anxiety disorder in Palm Beach, Florida, we understand the struggle. But there are several healthy ways to manage your fears, such as:

  • Not Checking the News Every Hour

    Yes, you need to stay informed about what’s happening. But don’t check updates compulsively, as it can fuel your anxiety. Be sure to only read from legit sources, like the CDC and the World Health Organization.

  • If you’re beginning to feel overwhelmed by the updates, limit your news consumption to a specific time only.

  • Concentrating on What You Can Control

    Thinking about the things outside your control will only make you have a hard time sleeping at night. Combat this by focusing on what you CAN do, like staying home as much as you can and planning your daily routine.

  • Staying Connected via the Internet

    Social distancing can make you feel lonely and isolated. It can also affect your health. So while you can’t see your loved ones as often as you want, you can still bond with them by calling them, chatting on Messenger, and having regular video calls.

If you need treatment for anxiety or psychotherapy in Palm Beach County, Florida, Grow Yourself is here to support you every step of the way.

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