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Common Misconceptions about Mental Illnesses


Words can destroy a person’s confidence and may cut deep through his feelings. Verbal abuse can resonate longer in someone’s mind – inflicting more damage than a bruise or cut.

People with mental illness may have a different character than a mentally healthy person – that is why they are prone to judgments. When others do not experience the same agony, they will never understand what patients under Psychotherapy in Palm Beach County, Florida, are going through.

To have a better understanding, here are some examples of mental status misconceptions we must eliminate:

  • Do not approach crazy people. They are all violent.
    You don’t even refer to them as crazy people. Those words are hurtful and degrading and will not help their mental state. And, not all persons with Emotional Disturbance are violent. Some are even discreet about it.
  • People with mental issues can not focus at work.
    This statement is untrue. Many people suffering from conditions like Anxiety Disorder in Palm Beach County, Florida, can be as productive as anyone, especially when they receive the correct medical treatment.
  • Strong people can’t acquire mental problems.
    Anyone can suffer from these health concerns. Children and Elderly Persons Disorders in Palm Beach Beach County exist, and that is reality.
  • There is no need for therapy when you already take prescriptions.
    People with psychological issues have different Coping Skills and healing mechanisms. They need to undergo assessments to identify which kind of treatment will work. It can be a combination of oral, therapeutic, or both.

Seeking help is the first step for healing. If you need solutions for various mental concerns, Grow Yourself can provide psychotherapy and life coaching. Try a 15-minute free consultation through this website.

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