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How to Prevent Depression in Seniors


Depression and anxiety in seniors are caused by many reasons including isolation, chronic diseases, losing a loved one, or thinking disorders. The struggle, however, is far from a mere emotional problem. Sometimes, it is due to a lack of healthy relationships with family members or friends.

  • Accompany Your Senior
    Elders staying alone at home are more prone to emotional, mental, and social struggles. Don’t let your senior feel isolated. If you need to stay separately, try to let a relative stay with your mom or dad to prevent experiencing anxiety disorder in Palm Beach County, Florida.
  • Connect with Your Senior
    If you’re living apart from your elders, maximize different ways to stay connected with them. High technologies break walls and bridge waters to reach out to people far from us. Aside from calling and texting your senior, you can do video calls or chat on social media platforms. This is especially important if your mom or dad is dealing with elderly persons disorders in Palm Beach Beach County.
  • Visit Your Senior
    Sometimes, phone calls and text messages are not enough. Schedule regular visits to your mom’s house to see her current condition. Don’t wait for holidays to come before checking your senior. For instance, you may accompany your dad for appointed psychotherapy in Palm Beach County, Florida, shop for one-month groceries, or take your senior to a lunch date.

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