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Some Warning Signs of Depression in Seniors


The risk of Depression is higher in older adults, including senior citizens, but it is not a normal part of aging.

Here at GROW Yourself LLC, we help seniors deal with Elderly Persons Disorders in Palm Beach Beach County, and here are some warning signs of depression in seniors to look out for:

  • Loss of Interest in Activities Previously Enjoyed
    The retirement years are one of the best times to enjoy hobbies and recreational activities. But when seniors suddenly stop performing their hobbies and recreational activities, this could be a sign of depression in seniors or other mental health issues like dementia.
  • Loss of Energy or Fatigue
    Insomnia and a poor appetite often accompany depression, increasing the risk of fatigue or low energy levels. So if your elderly loved ones feel tired often, they may be experiencing senior depression.
  • Loss of Focus or Concentration
    Another sign of depression in senior citizens and aging adults is loss of focus or concentration, manifested when they have trouble focusing on a task, daydreaming often, or spacing out.
  • Thoughts of Suicide or Feelings of Worthlessness
    Depression can be hard to diagnose in senior citizens. But one of the most telltale signs of depression for them is when they have thoughts of suicide or exhibit feelings of worthlessness.

Depression in seniors can reduce their quality of life at home and increase the risk of age-related issues and dementia. We offer Psychotherapy in Palm Beach County, Florida to help seniors address mental health issues.

For more information about our services, you can call us at 561-220-3556. We help address depression and anxiety disorder in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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